colleen – the golden morning breaks

And in ambience is release, and in release is relaxation.  A guitar plucks a few solemn notes, a harp plucks away in the background, an unspoken hollowness hangs at the edges of the stereo mix. As the song builds and fills with arpeggiated trills, snatches of melody, this space remains,  gap between the listener and the sounds within. Like a music box at the bottom of a well, a camp fire on an adjacent mountain, sounds hitting you when the wind turns the right way. 

And then delay pedals bring rhythm, sustained notes repeating and turning round and round, underpinning this menagerie of broken strings.  The key is minor, the tone is uncertain, these wandering strings feel as though they are anticipating something – maybe the golden morning of the title, maybe a procession to pass by, maybe the end of something beautiful, something terrifying, something unknowable.

Ambience is mystery, is leaving the gaps for your mind to fill in the blanks and create your own narratives. Colleen creates spaces to interpret as we wish, yet coherent enough to suggest something. Where I see horn-rimmed helmets, white robes and sad faces you may see robots or cities sleeping, waking. It doesn’t matter and that’s the point. Ambience is not forcing you to see it any one particular way, not making you fit into the narrative, but letting you craft it yourself.

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