john tavener – the protecting veil

when people used to put classical music on desert island discs

alongside the kinks and whatever bullshit by led zeppelin or the smiths you know the sort of thing

and they’d be like oh this reminds me of the first time my baby smiled

or the last time i saw my dad

or the trees in autumn

or compassion


and i’d think whatever mate, whatever

after the book deal, the plaudits, the nod from sue lawley

impress yer mates down the bbc

but then

i heard the protecting veil

and in those 15 minutes is all of life

sunsets and sleepless nights and peaceful nights and long lost friends and redemption and the sea breeze and when you drive over a hill and the view explodes and landing back home after so long away and my niece and my nephew and inside tents in the rain

all these things and infinitely more

and so for my first disc sue it’s got to be the protecting veil because at 6:48 i collapse in on myself and my mind explodes into the evermore and i will never ever recover

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