in 2019 sam won the roswell award for short science fiction, and was shortlisted for the bridport prize for short stories.

he is currently finishing an ma in creative writing in sheffield and entering a lot of competitions. new and old writings are being added to this very website all the time.

sam has written for various websites about music and film. currently he sporadically contributes soundtrack and documentary reviews to lovehorror.com



sam has been releasing music under various guises since the mid ’90s. most of it is available to stream on spotify, itunes etc.

a more thorough discography is available on bandcamp.

his music has been used in various commercial projects and soundtracked the independent film ‘somnus’ in 2016.

sam began 2020 with the release of a new ep as well as extra tracks from the ugly kids tapes, and work previously produced for various adverts. he hopes to release a new album in late 2020.

since 2017 sam has produced and co-hosted the science fiction rating system podcast. three friends watch a science fiction film and put it in a list. it has been running for over 100 episodes and all signs point to there being more films left to watch.
in 2020 he began the process of transferring his obscene collection of lists about music onto the appropriately titled instagram ‘lists about music‘.
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